launch gives landlords affordable access to tools that boost organization, efficiency and profitability

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Keeping properties rented and well-maintained while ensuring that good tenants are happy and pay on time are goals that just became more attainable for millions of landlords across the U.S. (, a privately-held company in San Diego, today announced the launch of its Virtual Assistant Program, giving landlords and property mangers affordable access to systems that enhance organization and efficiency while increasing profitability and the ability to grow rental portfolios.

"Many landlords, whether they have one, two or two-dozen properties, don't have systems and policies in place that allow them to operate professionally, stay organized and manage their time and cash-flow," said ProHomes Product Manager Chris Cahill. "ProHomes helps them do just that with customizable tools at affordable rates."

More than 22 million Americans own residential rental properties. Millions joined those ranks in recent years due to various economic incentives, including the average 10-percent return from rental incomes and the long-term appreciation of properties. But even after thorough preparation, many rental-property owners discover they're lacking the time and skills demanded of landlords. ProHomes was founded to provide the help to bridge those gaps, offering time-management and organizational tools that allow novice landlords or experienced property mangers to increase efficiencies and profitability.  

ProHomes is an Internet-based multi-service platform with customizable capabilities that include:

  • advertising vacancies and pre-screening potential tenants;
  • answering and responding to tenant calls 24/7;
  • directing tenant calls to the proper professional services, such as handyman, plumber or electrician;
  • sending automated rent reminders or individualized messages; and
  • organizing records for each property.

ProHomes monthly rates range from $5 to $19 per-property, depending upon the number of properties. ProHomes offers landlords an affordable alternative to traditional property managers, who typically charge 10 percent of the rent. Property managers can use ProHomes as a low-cost tool in managing their client portfolios.

As a small to medium-sized landlord in the Chicago area, Diane St. James didn't think she could afford a system that would help her consistently and quickly respond to tenant calls, while maintaining a high degree of professionalism and freeing up the time she needed to find other properties.

After testing ProHomes, St. James realized those tools were affordable and accessible.

"ProHomes has been a great investment. It is allowing me to improve and grow my business, rather than struggling to keep up and letting my portfolio stagnate," she said.

ProHomes also helps clients find great tenants to fill vacancies. ProHomes advertised St. James' properties on 20 leading rental web sites. The service then allowed her to draft and post a more detailed description of her property and tenant requirements, such as credit history, income and references. Interested tenants heard "Sara", the ProHomes Virtual Assistant, read this description when calling a telephone number designated to St. James' account, and they could leave messages if interested in the property.

Rob Jenkins uses ProHomes to handle tenants' incoming maintenance calls at all hours without disrupting his full-time job and family life. ProHomes records a message and notifies Jenkins when he receives a call. Jenkins can then decide how to respond, including forwarding the call to his handyman.

"It alleviates some of the headaches of doing all the management yourself by saving time and helping me stay organized," said the North Carolina landlord.

For more information about ProHomes, including a demonstration of its capabilities, visit or call 877-721-3101 for personal assistance.

About ProHomes: is a privately held company founded by two successful, entrepreneurial high-tech and biotech engineers who are also landlords and wanted to incorporate cutting-edge business technologies into the property management field. The ProHomes team collectively manages its own properties and knows first hand the frustrations and challenges of managing rental properties. ProHomes tools, including virtual assistant Sara, are transformative, allowing landlords to become more efficient, professional and profitable.

All ProHomes clients may post their vacancies for free with its sister company,, an online community where prospective tenants can view properties, contact landlords and apply for rentals.