Formex Expands Services With Additional Scientific Staff And Equipment

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 7, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Formex LLC ("Formex"), a leader in pharmaceutical formulation development and manufacturing, announced today an expansion in both scientific personnel and equipment.

Dr. Ke Shi and Dr. Wade Pathak recently joined Formex with extensive expertise in areas critical to pharmaceutical development. Dr. Pathak, a coauthor of 20 patents and 50 publications, will be employing his diverse experience in the pharmaceutical industry in formulation development and analytical chemistry. Dr. Ke Shi is an expert in spray dry dispersion technology with specific applications in drug taste masking, pulmonary delivery of proteins/peptides, and controlled release of flavors and fragrances. The two PhDs are looking forward to contributing to Formex's contract development services.

"The addition of Dr. Pathak and Dr. Shi to the scientific staff shows Formex's commitment to operate at the cutting edge of the industry," said Yvonne Verburgt, Senior Director of Business Development of Formex. "There are many companies that do contract development and manufacturing, what differentiates Formex is our scientific expertise and approach. Having expert scientists as part of our team allows us to take on difficult projects with the confidence that we can deliver the solutions our Clients need."

In addition to new staff, Formex LLC has also added to its inventory of manufacturing equipment with the addition of a Capsugel Xcelodose® and a Niro Mobile Minor™. "The acquisition of additional equipment allows Formex to increase its service offering and scale of manufacturing," said Steve Massah, President and CEO.

About Formex LLC

Formex LLC ("Formex"), The Formulation Experts, is a leading contract development and manufacturing organization focusing on oral and topical dosage forms.  Formex specializes in bioavailability enhancement and controlled release technologies, such as hot melt extrusion, spray drying, fluid bed processing, and liquid/semi-solid filled hard capsules.

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