Ubiqomm and Skyriver team together for "Wi-Fi in the Sky" BVLOS drone flights

SAN DIEGO, Nov. 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ubiqomm today unveils its ubiquitous high-speed data connectivity solution, especially designed for enterprise drone fleets engaged in present Line of Sight (LOS), and in the future, "Beyond Visual Line of Sight" (BVLOS) flights. "The application for drones is increasing exponentially as companies apply drone technology for surveying and performing emergency operations in remote locations, and other use cases including traffic monitoring in cities, and above stadium live-streaming of sporting events.  Consistent high-speed data connectivity between drones and ground control centers is becoming mission critical," said Saum Vahdat, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Ubiqomm.


Ubiqomm's wireless solution encompasses a network of base stations on the ground and communications devices mounted on drones. Each base station is capable of supporting all drones within its 25km+ coverage radius. The seamless handoff with the adjacent base station ensures ubiquitous coverage in a large area while connecting drones to a cloud backhaul. Ubiqomm's unique patented solution uses multiple techniques, such as innovative antenna design for both base stations and drones, mobility management, and interference mitigation, together achieving very high bandwidth efficiency. Mr. Vahdat added "Dubbed as "Wi-Fi in the Sky," Ubiqomm's solution enables 10x lower CapEx and OpEx as compared to terrestrial LTE networks while enabling very high-data rates of 200Mbps between drones and base stations."

Ubiqomm is partnering with Skyriver, an affiliated company in the Bridgewest Group portfolio of businesses with expertise in wireless broadband network design and deployment, in the millimeter wave and lower spectrum bands. Together, the two companies are offering demonstrations to companies that are interested in leveraging Ubiqomm's technology for their own products and services.  The demonstration includes multiple drones flying within a region approximately 25km away from their San Diego base station. Each drone will be transmitting multiple 1080p video streams to the base station, utilizing secure high-speed links (200+ Mbps).

Ubiqomm and Skyriver are seeking industry partners for development, testing and trials of UAV traffic management (UTM) protocols in addition to the "Wi-Fi in the Sky" network solution, paving the way for BVLOS flight operations.

About Ubiqomm – www.ubiqomm.com  

Ubiqomm is a wireless communications system design and development company. We are focused on delivering ubiquitous broadband systems for enterprise drones and Internet to the home. Ubiqomm's offering includes system design, communication payload / base station, ground terminals / airborne terminals, and system optimization and deployment.

Ubiqomm has a strong intellectual property portfolio and is well-positioned to be the leading supplier of connectivity for future drone fleets.

About Skyriver Communications – www.skyriver.net

Skyriver is a leading-edge wireless broadband provider transforming broadband via technological ingenuity and inspiring customer insight. The company's innovative approach to broadband service stems from its mission to advance connectivity for data-driven businesses. Leveraging its expertise in wireless communications, Skyriver is meeting the rapidly accelerating demand for enterprise bandwidth through its pioneering developments in millimeter wave (mmW) broadband.

About the Bridgewest Group – www.bridgewestgroup.com

The Bridgewest Group is an opportunistic investor that creates long-term value through the application of superior industry knowledge, operational expertise and significant financial resources to attractive investment opportunities. The Bridgewest Group is a closely held investment company with global assets in the biotech, wireless communications, infrastructure for "internet of things," semiconductor, real estate, and financial services industries. Having been in business for over twenty-five years and headquartered in San Diego, California, the Bridgewest Group has operations across the USA, Europe and Asia.

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