Empowering people through business investment
Inspiring solutions for a better tomorrow drive the success of our spirited investment team at Bridgewest Group. Long ago, we established ourselves as an innovative private investor by placing people at the forefront. The drive towards "people empowerment" catapulted our expansion from niche investor to the global investment group we are today. From innovative software and semiconductor, to biotech therapeutics, people across the world - entrepreneurs, partners, customers and communities at large - experience our vision for a better tomorrow.
Building forward momentum
We have grown our portfolio of Bridgewest Group companies with smart, motivated people. Collaborative mentorship and capital infusion move the brightest entrepreneurs forward. Beginning with idea inception and all the way through exit, our seasoned team of operating partners and subject matter experts guide entrepreneurs to successful financial outcomes. Since we are private investors, we are not beholden to other investors and artificial timeframes. This allows us to maximize outcomes for everyone based on merit instead of timeline adherence. Our robust Bridgewest Group operational ecosystem, (accounting, finance, legal, HR and office administration), facilitate functional support so CEOs can turn their ideas into prosperous companies. Those with vision, skill and determination enjoy long tenure with our teams. Nearly 100% of portfolio company CEOs stay on to form new ventures within the Bridgewest Group after successful exits.
By focusing on good people, strategic investing and world class mentorship, we are fueling knowledge, innovation and empowerment for a better tomorrow.
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Success Snapshot
Enabled Wireless for Millions
We created the world's largest wireless engineering services company. Named in Top 10 Hottest IPOs on NASDAQ in 2000, with market cap of $7B.
Transforming Cancer Therapy
BioAtla began in 2009 to develop cancer fighting drugs. Today, with numerous clinical programs, it's on the NASDAQ with a market cap over $1B.
Created Third Largest CDMO
Our 2005 start-up BioDuro is now the third largest CDMO company with 10 global sites.
Largest Living Tumor Bank
Started a drug screening platform in oncology and assembled the world’s largest living tumor bank.
Advancing 5G Wireless
Foresight into bourgeoning 5G and breakthroughs in mmWave garnered 5G spectrum licensing sale to largest wireless carriers in the U.S.