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GenomeFrontier and BioCina partner on CAR-T Therapy Product
16 October 2023
Adelaide, South Australia, October 12, 2023, BioCina Pty Ltd., a global end-to-end biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), announced a new partnership with GenomeFrontier Therapeutics AU Pty Ltd.
The Australian entity of GenomeFrontier Therapeutics Inc. headquartered in Taiwan, for a project involving development of innovative virus-free chimeric antigen receptor T cell products (CAR-T) for cancer treatment. BioCina will support GenomeFrontier with process development and GMP manufacturing for Minicircle DNA and Plasmid DNA. GenomeFrontier will leverage their proprietary virus-free cell and gene engineering platforms and Quantum Engine™ cell-engineering system to manufacture the CAR-T cell therapy for use in a Phase 1 clinical trial.
BioCina’s Chief Executive Officer, Mark W. Womack stated, “We at BioCina are thrilled to be GenomeFrontier’s CDMO partner for this important cancer treatment program, utilizing both Minicircle and Plasmid DNA, providing us yet another opportunity to showcase our scientific and technical expertise in support of the CAR-T cell therapy product.”
GenomeFrontier’s founder and CEO/CSO, Sareina Wu said, “We believe that a cancer-free world is not only possible but is more real than ever before, due to major advancements in gene therapy. Therefore, we passionately strive to provide patients with next-generation virus-free gene therapies that are not only advanced and accessible, but also affordable.”
About BioCina
BioCina is a global end-to-end biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) of choice, offering process development and cGMP clinical & commercial manufacturing of the microbial, pDNA and mRNA modalities. Our US FDA, EMA and TGA approved site in South Australia, which was previously a Pfizer facility, is staffed with a tremendously experienced technical and operations team, with most critical SME’s having an average tenure of 15+ years at the Adelaide site. BioCina delivers high-quality, cost-effective CDMO services, including cell line development, process development, and cGMP drug substance manufacturing solutions across the modalities we serve. To address the ever-evolving requirements of our current and future clients, we are adding a 2000L microbial fermenter and large-scale mRNA manufacturing in our Adelaide facility, and we will be establishing a second facility with Mammalian PD and large-scale manufacturing.
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About GenomeFrontier
GenomeFrontier (GF) is an innovation-driven therapeutics company focusing on the development of next-generation virus-free gene therapies. Addressing the limitations of current virus-based cell therapies, our IP-protected virus-free Quantum Engine™ cell engineering and production system enables the establishment of multiplex gene therapies that are efficacious, safe, and cost-effective. Focusing on CAR-T therapies as our first endeavour, Quantum CART™ (qCART™), our first Quantum Engine™ system, has been successfully established and overcomes most challenges encountered by current autologous CAR-T therapies. Quantum Engine™ can also be adapted for use with other immune/therapeutic cell types and these systems will be developed in-house or through collaborations.
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