Bridgewest Group celebrates grand opening of Global Capability Center, Bridgewest India.
20 May 2024
(Miami and Hyderabad, India, May 20, 2024) Global private investment firm, Bridgewest Group, recognized for developing innovative companies in life sciences, software, and deep tech, announce the grand opening of new operational Center of Excellence in Hyderabad, India. The Global Capability Center (GCC), Bridgewest India will bring vast operational resources and economies of scale to the growing suite of portfolio companies for worldwide private equity firm Bridgewest Group.
Laxman Settipalli, General Manager and Head of Bridgewest India is the driving force behind the new Center. "The celebrations today are just the tip of the excitement and energy we have. In just a few months, we have structured our offering, put systems in place, hired our initial team, and moved into our new office in Gowra Palladium in Hyderabad. We're seeing lots of engagement from companies and lots of interest from great local talent," said Laxman. "Hyderabad India is recognized as India's premier pharma, IT and innovation hub," added Laxman.
Bridgewest India is recruiting top-level talent, spanning a multitude of expertise across technology, operations, and corporate functions. "HR, legal, R & D, marketing, sales, program management, engineering, finance, and local governance teams are customized to the business needs at hand. Performance, agility and value gives us the edge in high-growth technology and pharma sectors," added Laxman.
Australia-based sterile injectable drug manufacturing company and Bridgewest Group life sciences company, NovaCina, is already seeing the value in partnering with Bridgewest India. "The sales and marketing talent has the right experience and mindset for NovaCina. The high-productivity is enabling NovaCina to reach more customers and achieve top-line growth at a speed and scale that otherwise would be difficult and costly," said Tommy Broudy, Operating Partner, Bridgewest Group, life sciences portfolio.
"This is a significant milestone for our group. We are thrilled to be in Hyderabad today to inaugurate our new GCC. The demand for operational resources continues to rise across our portfolio," said Adam Gickling, COO, Bridgewest Group.
Bridgewest Group has long been recognized for creating and growing businesses across the globe. "Our ability to empower good ideas and good people to bring forth solutions that improve our work, our health and our world, is our life's work. The expertise, flexibility and cost efficiencies provided by Bridgewest India enable the founders and their teams to focus on their life's passion - to transform their remarkable ideas into business success," says Dr. Massih Tayebi, Founding Partner and Chairman of Bridgewest Group.
About Bridgewest Group
Bridgewest Group is an innovative and privately held global investment firm with over $3B in private capital. Founded in 1999, the global firm has earned a long-standing reputation for creating and scaling transformational businesses to achieve outsized success. Bridgewest Group leverages its expertise and global eco-community in key sectors where it can have the greatest impact including Life Sciences, Software, Semiconductor and Artificial Intelligence/Deep Tech. Customized financial investment services and diverse real estate holdings augment equity assets and support portfolio companies as they grow. Bridgewest Group is based in the US, with investments primarily in the US, Europe, China, Australasia and India.
About Bridgewest India
BCM Management India Private Limited, operating under the brand Bridgewest India, is the Global Capability Center (GCC) for the $3B private equity firm Bridgewest Group. As the center for operational excellence, Bridgewest India spurs growth and innovation for Bridgewest Group portfolio companies through its suite of scalable operational resources, leveraging world-class talent and leading-edge technology. With a customer-centric culture, people and services are custom-tailored to companies spanning the globe, from start-ups to mature businesses, ensuring optimum growth and cost efficiencies. Bridgewest India is headquartered in Hyderabad India, a region recognized as India's premier pharma, IT and innovation hub.
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