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Strategic Alliance Between Huadu International and Bridgewest Ventures
16 November 2023
(New Zealand, November 16, 2023) Huadu International (Huadu), an international construction and development company with operations in Christchurch, has signed a Strategic Purpose Agreement with local deep-tech investor, Bridgewest Ventures New Zealand LP (Bridgewest Ventures).
The strategic alliance forges a partnership between Huadu and Bridgewest Ventures that will see the development of a muti-disciplinary cancer treatment, health technology, and research and innovation centre in Christchurch, with scope to expand into other regions. The centre will have a primary focus of providing much needed clinical delivery support that is aligned to the goals of Bridgewest Ventures around modern treatments for cancer, including immunotherapy.
Huadu is a long-time investor into Christchurch, and this new investment is part of a multi-year plan that supports the local economy and reinforces their prior investments into the Te Papa Hauora Health Precinct in the city.
Bridgewest Ventures is an approved deep-technology incubator under the Callaghan Innovation Technology Incubator Programme. As such, Bridgewest Ventures operates in partnership with Callaghan Innovation to identify and co-invest into early-stage innovative technology ventures in New Zealand.
The Callaghan Innovation Technology Incubator Programme was launched in 2020, and more than 29 companies have been launched across New Zealand. Bridgewest Ventures focuses on five main sectors encompassing AI, IOT, Clean Tech and Health Tech, and the health tech portfolio includes 7 companies that cover a wide range of medical and biotech-focussed technologies with global impact.
“We have been looking for an investment partner that shares our vision for impact in the health sector and with Huadu we found a partner that not only shared that vision but had their own well-defined goals for how to accomplish them. Their desire to build a showcase facility in Christchurch matched our aspirations for world-class infrastructure to support the growth strategies of the companies we invest in. We are very excited to see how we can work together to support the expansion of health-based biotech companies in New Zealand,” said John Robson, General Manager BVNZ.
“It is exciting to see this strategic partnership that will further enhance Bridgewest’s strength in being able to provide ventures with support from incorporation through to incubation, and to growth” says Callaghan Innovation Technology Incubator Manager, Celeste Peh.
“Huadu has made a significant contribution to the post-earthquake regeneration of Christchurch. I had a vision to develop a state-of-the-art health recovery centre in New Zealand, for the people of New Zealand. I now see that coming to fruition in partnership with Bridgewest. Our development, the Huadu International Recovery Centre at 38 Oxford Terrace, will be a world-class facility for cancer treatment and research,” said Jianping Wang, Huadu International Group Chairman.
CEO of Talent International Institute (Huadu subsidiary), Qaiser Rashid said “Setting up a world-class cancer research and treatment facility will open the doors of world-class healthcare research in Christchurch. It would also promote international health tourism in Canterbury. In addition to developing the cancer research and treatment centre, Huadu would also look at developing high quality accommodation options for the international patients and their families."
ChristchurchNZ General Manager of Innovation and Business Growth Martin Cudd said the partnership between Huadu and Bridgewest was an extremely exciting opportunity for New Zealand’s healthcare system. To have a development that provides world leading research and cancer treatment in the middle of Christchurch’s Te Papa Hauora/Health Precinct is an outstanding win for the city. Not only will this facility provide a boost to our research community, it also has the potential to significantly improve health outcomes for all Kiwis.
This new partnership began with the signing of the Strategic Purpose Agreement between the Huadu International Management Group and Bridgewest Ventures on 13th November 2023. Vigorous work now begins towards the design, planning, and build of the cancer treatment and research centre.
Jianping Wang, Chairman Huadu International Management Group; Dr Massih Tayebi, Chairman Bridgewest Group; Pauline Cotter, Deputy Mayor of Christchurch City; Ms Hi Yeng, Consul General of the People’s Rupublic of China; Dr Hamish Campbell, Member of Parliament; Dr Duncan Webb, Member of Parliament; Martin Cud, ChristchurchNZ General Manager of Innovation and Business Growth; Mr Warren Hu, CEO Bank of China New Zealand; Christchurch City Councillors; several diplomats; professionals; business executives; and key stakeholders were present at the signing ceremony.