Projectworks teams up as QuickBooks Solution Provider for US professional services
06 March 2023
(SEATTLE MARCH 6, 2023 ) Projectworks, the cloud based Professional Services Automation platform, has joined the QuickBooks Solution Provider Program from Intuit (NASDAQ: INTU), the global financial technology platform that makes TurboTax, Credit Karma, QuickBooks, and Mailchimp.
By aligning with QuickBooks Online, New Zealand founded Projectworks is expanding its already strong presence in APAC and the UK, into the US market. Projectworks is purpose built for the Professional Services industry, with its core customer base comprising of software development houses, engineering firms, and management consultancies. The estimated total addressable market in the US is over six million businesses.
For Intuit, Projectworks is one of a number of software providers they are adding to their new QSP program. Now the focus is on creating an app ecosystem powerful enough to do two things: give QuickBooks Desktop customers good reason to move to Intuit’s cloud offerings, where they can benefit from the ease of integrating with a variety of platforms, and also continue to serve customers as they grow into the mid-market segment.
A main aim of the relationship for both parties is to entice the on-premise hold-outs to migrate to the cloud.
“When they see what real integration can do for them, even consultancies that have said ‘no’ to the cloud for years, will find it difficult to resist the benefits of access-anywhere, real-time resource management, project budget burn, and real time margin reporting, not to mention being able to submit an expense or timesheet through your phone, which is a real must for any modern business,” said Matt Hayter, CEO of Projectworks.
Professional Services businesses that leverage QuickBooks Online with Projectworks will benefit from a comprehensive business management system that helps to answer the two most important questions to any consultancy - are we making good margin, and is my team properly utilized? All the while ensuring expenses are easily claimed and invoices go out on time, without double handling data. Together the platforms enable small to midsize businesses to effectively manage their resources, work and invoicing while providing the information they need to scale.
Matt Hayter, CEO of Projectworks says “We’re very excited to be a QuickBooks Solution Provider, as it is a seamless fit with our mission of creating a healthier Professional Services industry. Projectworks features for resource and project management, revenue forecasting and margin reporting combined with QuickBooks Online's ability to manage financials is the ultimate combination for any Professional Services firm serious about scaling.”
Kevin Zavaglia, VP of US Sales, for QuickBooks added “We’re thrilled to welcome Projectworks to the QuickBooks Solution Provider ecosystem. Intuit customers can leverage the power of Projectworks to manage their Professional Services firms without missing out on the financial tracking capabilities of QuickBooks Online. This bundle helps Professional Service firms to scale their business and drive revenue growth without managing complicated spreadsheets.”
To learn more and Projectworks and QuickBooks online visit Projectworks + QuickBooks — Projectworks
About Projectworks
Projectworks is an all-in-one software platform for consulting, engineering, architecture, and software firms. The platform was developed specifically for the consulting industry after its founders saw a need while running their own global consultancy firm.
With users spanning the globe, Projectworks serves professional services firms ranging from 4-400 employees. The unique feature set of Projectworks precisely operates the way Professional Services Firms operate and enables improved utilization, maximization of billable hours, more accurate forecasting, and most importantly, higher margins.